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A Decade of Steampunk with Steampunk Scholar

It's been 10 years (and one week) since I started this blog. When Steampunk Scholar went live in 2008, I was busy finishing up two term papers: one on Captain Nemo which would go on to become my first published academic article on steampunk; and one on steampunked Star Wars, which ended up in the Journal of Neo-Victorian Studies. At the time, I had attended one steampunk convention and had no idea what was coming next. It's been a wonderful, wild ride, and I thought I'd celebrate by posting a photo that highlights something steampunk from each of the 10 years that have come and gone. 
2008: Standing with the members of Legion Fantastique at my first steampunk convention. I'm still in contact with everyone in this photo. That's the best thing about my steampunk travels, by the way: all the amazing people I met.   2009: Presenting at my first Speculative-Fiction-related academic conference, the Eaton conference in Riverside, California. That year, the conference was …

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