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I Am Writing A BOOK.

When I was in grade four or five, I sent a letter to a writing college. I'd been subscribing to Writer's Digest (no, for real) for a few months, and had been dreaming of going to one of the writing schools that advertised in its pages. My parents, always supportive, didn't disabuse me of my intentions. They let me write up my request letter, fill out the application, and choose a sample of my writing to send off. They never said, "you're too young." They just let me dream.

I traded that dream for that of being a rockstar: in the 1990s, in my 20s, I aspired to a record contract and touring around the world, though all I ever achieved was a handful of indie CDs, and local opening spots for Big Sugar, 54-40, and Grapes of Wrath. I'm proud of the writing I did for those songs, but it still wasn't becoming a published writer.

I also went to Bible College and became a youth pastor, until I found myself struggling with belief and moved on to a new career pa…

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