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Let’s Try This Again, Shall We? (A Soft Reboot)

It’s wild to me to think that it’s been over 15 years since I started this blog. It feels weird just writing the word ‘blog.’ Who blogs anymore? Everyone who writes is on Substack or Ghost these days. Fifteen years ago, my kids were tiny, now they’re grown. Back then, my hair was brown; now it’s going grey and there’s less of it. In 2008, I was starting my PhD; now I’m an Associate Professor at MacEwan University. Back then, I was learning what steampunk was; now I’m an “expert” who’s written a bunch of articles and a book on the subject. It's also wild to me that it’s been about five years since I posted here, in January of 2019. I was all set to start posting about steampunk again, and then got an offer to submit an academic article to a special journal issue focused on Neo-Victorianism and steampunk. That wound up becoming a project I completed with two of my brightest students, and while the journey to completion was one of the worst editorial experiences I’ve ever had (with

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