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Steampunk FAQ (I wrote a book)

It's already been three months since the launch of my first book, Steampunk FAQ . What a ride it's been, from getting a cold-call email from Robert Lecker in December of 2015 asking if I'd be interested in writing a book on steampunk for Applause Books, to November of 2018, launching the finished volume in front of friends and family at Happy Harbor  comics in Edmonton. It's a strange experience reading your own writing so many months later (I finished the book in 2017, but publication was delayed a year). I find myself laughing at some of the jokes, or thinking, "wow, that's a good point," or every now and again, "Damn! I wish I'd caught that error." The last months of writing were so intense that I sometimes read a page and am utterly surprised at what I read. I regularly find myself thinking, "I hope I included that ," and being utterly relieved when I consult the index to discover that I did. Presenting to the crowd at

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