Can I use your blog posts as material for my presentation, term paper, article, etc.? Of course! Just make sure to reference me properly for the format you're using. So if it's a presentation, just mention the blog. If it's a term paper, cite the blog properly with the reference format your teacher/professor assigned (do this or you get zinged for plagiarism!). If it's an article, include the weblink - steampunkscholar.com.

Will you review my book? It's unlikely. I have a huge ARC pile that never goes away. Publishers send me steampunk books to review, and to paraphrase something S.M. Stirling said when we were on a panel, that acts a garbage filter for me. Don't get me wrong - there are some great books being published independently. But they are few and far between. I can hardly keep up with the books being published through professional outlets, so out of a simple consideration of numbers, I no longer review self-published books. I keep twelve spots open per year for reviews of new releases. Currently, 2015 is wide open.

Do you prefer hard-copy or electronic copies for review? Hard copy. I will no longer be reviewing eBooks. To tell the truth, I'd prefer an audiobook, but it's rare that anyone offers (hint, hint). Email me at mikeperschon at shaw dot ca, and I'll provide you with an address to send the review copy.

Will you come and speak at our event? If you pay my air fare and hotel, I'll come speak, run a roleplaying game, do stand-up comedy, dance, sing, and play guitar at your event. Throw in an honorarium, and there's no telling what I'll do!  

Will you promote my steampunk project? Probably not. You'll notice there's very little advertising on the site. What is here is linked to Amazon, because I'm an associate and it makes me a little extra money. I advertise for books by reviewing them. I will promote steampunk books, comics, and films in the same way, but I won't promote other projects, because my readership trusts me to give them solid content on steampunk reading and film, not steampunk fashion or gaming. I also will not promote projects I have not seen, read, heard, or played myself. Much as I love games, unless you're from Fantasy Flight promoting a new board game you want me to test, or Paizo asking me to review a new steampunk Pathfinder supplement, the answer is no.


  1. Hello, Mike! I'm so glad I found this site when I googled "steampunk scholarship"; I'm working on my master's thesis currently, and I was wondering if you would reccomended any articles on steampunk culture. It's so nice to find somebody else who takes a scholarly interest in steampunk literature/culture!

    Thank you for anything you can suggest (even if you can't.)

  2. Teva, my favorite article on steampunk culture is Christine Ferguson's "Surface tensions: steampunk, subculture and the ideology of style," which was published in the Journal of Neo-Victorian studies. Check out the journal's special issue on Steampunk for more articles on the culture.

  3. Thank you very much! I appreciate your reply. Best of luck to you with your current and future steampunk scholarly endeavors!

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