My Program Schedule for the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

Okay, I promise--a real post tomorrow!

Here's the current schedule for my sessions at SteamX:

Saturday 10:00-11:15
Howard Hendrix (Moderator), Mike Perschon, Alexander Logan, Jean Martin, Liz Gorinsky
The origin and history of steampunk.
I'm excited to sit in a panel moderated by Howard. He's exceedingly opinionated and witty, which are things I admire in a panel moderator. It will also be very cool to sit with Liz Gorinsky, as she was consistently incisive and articulate at Steamcon. 

Saturday 3:00-4:15
J. Daniel Sawyer, Mike Perschon (Moderator), Liz Gorinsky, GOH James Blaylock
Is there a philosophy behind steampunk? If so, what is it? If not, what should it be?
I'm stoked about this, mainly because I have a pretty strong opinion about whether or not steampunk has a philosophy. I'm also excited because as I've already stated, Liz is well-spoken and intelligent, and J. Daniel Sawyer made for some of the best dialogue I had while at Steam Powered. Do I really need to comment on the fact that James Blaylock is on this panel? This makes up for Chris Garcia scooping the interview with him.

Saturday 4:30-5:45
STEAM WARS Presentation
Mike Perschon
While steampunk continues to defy attempts at definition, it is Steampunk Scholar Mike Perschon’s contention that it is a visual aesthetic. This aesthetic can be seen clearly in a comparison between the well-known cultural icons of Star Wars and their steampunk counterparts, through an examination of images by a handful of digital artists who took part in CGSociety’s challenge to apply a steampunk approach to the Star Wars universe.
(It'll be nice to get a chance to deliver this panel now that I've thought out the material even further with the submission for Neo-Victorian Studies.)

Sunday 11:30-12:45
Chris Garcia, Mike Perschon, J. Daniel Sawyer (M), Jean Martin, Liz Gorinsky
Steampunk zines, podcasts, websites, blogs, and more. For those who are involved and those who want to be.
I love these panels where you talk about doing what you love. (and speaking of which...)

Sunday 2:00-3:45
Mike Perschon
What happens when a Game Master mixes J.R.R. Tolkien and Jules Verne into one gaming world? Come find out how to apply the brass goggles, airships, and clockwork automatons to your roleplaying campaign, through a discussion of online resources, a brief review of some of the steampunk RPGs, and a look at the best miniatures for steampunk campaigns.
Again, it will be nice to revisit this session, especially now that the campaign is winding down. 

I hope to see some of you at the Con - make sure to come and introduce yourself!


  1. And now I'm burying my head in Blaylock books for the next month! I am loving The Last Coin. It reminds me of Powers' books following Last Call. It's interesting how their careers have paralleled each other.

    And you're on two panels with Jean Martin, my former Co-Editor on Science Fiction San Francisco! She's good people!

  2. Too many books, and too little time - I want to read some more Blaylock before SteamX as well. I've only read "Lord Kelvin's Machine" in short story form. I like his style, now that I'm a little more used to it - my first read of that story didn't endear me to him, but the second did.

  3. Hey! I was one in the crowd at the last session at Teachers' Convention. I came in on a lark and left totally blown away! First, you are an active, engaging speaker. I could have sat there for another hour or two. Second, I was a fan of steampunk and didn't know it. Third, I ask my 15 year old if he knows what steampunk is and he said yes!? What have I uncovered? I must investigate further ...

  4. Snyitrai, feel free to add me on Facebook if you like - I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have - glad you enjoyed the session!


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