Steampunk Scholar on Twitter

So I finally caved, and have joined Twitter.

Let me be clear about why it's taken so long: authors like Jeff Vandermeer and Gail Carriger use Twitter to get the word out about their upcoming books, and then keep contact with their fanbase. It makes sense to me, and if I had a book, I'd have done the same thing. I don't like the idea of Twitter for the common man, as Facebook ostensibly does the same thing. Simply put, I think of Facebook for the private world, Twitter for the public. Recently, I had a few things happen in terms of numbers and request for articles that tell me what I'm doing here is approaching some sort of critical mass: in other words, I realized people were fans of the blog. I found myself thinking about my responsibility to my readers, to keep the word coming - what am I reading, what do I think about it, etc., especially since I often think things about the books or films or steampunk in general which never make it to a post, because they're too short, or they detract from the focus of my blog posts. Unlike a personal blog, this is supposed to be the first draft of my research, so I can't just punch out random thoughts. That's what...right, I realized. That's what Twitter is for.

So I signed up today. Already tweeted a few times. If you're into that, you can follow it here, or just check the posts in the Twitter sidebar below. It's how I'll update regular thoughts, with the big ones still getting posted here.


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