Steampunk Gilgamesh image by D. Emerson Evans

In December of 2011, D. Emerson Evans, a frequent visitor of Steampunk Scholar, sent these sample images of what my Steampunk Gilgamesh could look like as a comic. Evans was attempting to give the work an old-school Winsor McCay feel, and to that end, sampled the colours directly from pre-1914 "Little Nemo in Slumberland" strips.
As promised, here is the sample spread of the Incredible Epic of Dr. "Doc" Gil Gamesh. I've included the black and white line art, and a coloured and lettered mockup. This was a very unusual way of working for me--a real departure from my graphite/paint/collage work on Threshold. Lots of fun.
I'm posting both the b+w and colour images, so you can see the process. 

He has also posted about this image at his blog, which features art for his graphic novel, Threshold. Check it out, it's great stuff. 


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