Interviews, Interviews, Museums!

As I hurtle toward the end of this momentous semester, with graduation looming next week and a hydra-like stack of papers to be graded, I take a moment to do what sitcoms used to when they didn't have any fresh material, or their actors needed a break: I provide the blog equivalent to flashbacks. Here you will find three links to three sites that were kind enough to honor me this fall with recognition as a contributor to the steampunk scene. It's always fun to do an interview, or to be featured at someone's website, and all these sites are well worth your time beyond their treatment of anything I'm up to.

Doctor Fantastique's Interview

In which AJ Sikes and I engage in droll banter, AJ calls uses big words like "tripartite aesthetic," and I imagine what Captain Nemo and Phileas Fogg would be reading if they were in a book club together. 

The Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Museum
Kevin J. Steil, the man behind the Airship Ambassador persona and site, has created a new steampunk respository online, and it's gorgeous. And I'm not just saying that because I'm on it. I'm saying it because it's a great looking site with strong content that, given Steil's work to date, is only going to get stronger. 

Decimononic's Interview
In which JF Alfaya calls me world famous (I'm not sure this is true, but it's fun to pretend!), and I get to admit my secret desire for a pocketwatch inspired by Captain Nemo.

Next week, I graduate, so while I hope I'm going to be posting about a "tale of two books involving steampunk and fairies," I might just put up pictures of me in the cap, gown, and goggles.


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