Steampunk FAQ (I wrote a book)

It's already been three months since the launch of my first book, Steampunk FAQ. What a ride it's been, from getting a cold-call email from Robert Lecker in December of 2015 asking if I'd be interested in writing a book on steampunk for Applause Books, to November of 2018, launching the finished volume in front of friends and family at Happy Harbor comics in Edmonton.

It's a strange experience reading your own writing so many months later (I finished the book in 2017, but publication was delayed a year). I find myself laughing at some of the jokes, or thinking, "wow, that's a good point," or every now and again, "Damn! I wish I'd caught that error." The last months of writing were so intense that I sometimes read a page and am utterly surprised at what I read. I regularly find myself thinking, "I hope I included that," and being utterly relieved when I consult the index to discover that I did.

Presenting to the crowd at the book launch.
It is, in every way, the bridge across the gap in this blog's decade of research. If you were to start reading every post I made from 2008 to the end, you'd see that there's a gap between 2012 and today. The posts are sporadic, and 2017 is the one year with no posts at all. Where are all those posts? In the book. All my writing energy from 2015-2017 went into creating this book, and 2018 was a year to recover from it.

It's available now through Amazon, Indigo, and other big book vendors. I'd love if you picked one up, and love it even more if you gave it a review. If you're someone with a big reach on social media, I can arrange to have a review copy sent your way, so let me know if you're interested in doing that. You can find me on Twitter as @docperschon.

Confused as to why Chapters/Indigo is shelving my book in "Photography."


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